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Sex & Wealth Codes

Apr 23, 2021

How would it feel if spending money felt good in your body - like really, fucking good? My body is my vessel and I invest my money in making her feel good and taken care of - and that brings MORE money to me, not less! In today’s episode, I break down why I invest my money for the sake of pleasure, luxury & enjoyment, and the mindset shift you need to start seeing spending money as a pleasure activity so you can bring more money, pleasure, sex, orgasms, & whatever the fuck you want to your life! 

I get into:

  • The MOST IMPORTANT mindset shift you can make around spending money
  • How to invest your money to bring in MORE money (and sex, orgasms, & pleasure!)
  • The difference between how my partner would spend an influx of cash vs. how I would (and how we navigate this)
  • One of the BIGGEST traps I used to fall into in my business (and how to avoid it!)
  • Why I invest in exquisite self-care and the real return I see in my life and business
  • A helpful way to look at debt to reduce the negative charge around it (this has helped me so much!)
  • And more!


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