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Sex & Wealth Codes

Aug 31, 2022

In this Sexy Client Spotlight repurposed from my Instagram, I chat with my mentor AND client Crystal Avila Langen who is in my 9-month Mary Magdalene Sex Priestess training⁣

We talk about… ⁣

What it was like for her (as MY mentor) to want my sx priestess training & what her buying process was like...

Aug 29, 2022

Unlock your (erotic) body’s secret code to wealth🔐💋💸

In this livestream we talked about:⁣

🔥How your self pleasure practice supports you in building wealth ⁣
💰My wealth journey now vs when I was following someone else's ⁣
🌹What you need in order to open to more money⁣
💋How to find out...

Aug 29, 2022

How to shift when you’re feeling stressed about money

I talk about stress from two perspectives:

Charge/trigger/trauma response that feels overwhelming in the moment because of a money-related event

Like getting an unexpected bill in the mail, a client not paying, checking your bank account & seeing less money than...

Aug 26, 2022

Welcome back, Lover. I have something a little different for you today - more of an experience than a podcast episode. This week, I’m sharing a sexy money meditation that you can come back to anytime you feel blocked to your next level of income, or just need some red-hot inspiration on your way to manifesting your...

Aug 19, 2022

You’re ready to scale to your next level of wealth & monthly income, but you want to feel really good and turned-on while you do it.

I am with you, Lover.


I know a lot of resistance can come up when we play at this level, when we begin to step into the next legendary & iconic version of ourselves. (I recently...