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Sex & Wealth Codes

Sep 30, 2022

Money wants you - and that is NOT conditional. 

You don’t have to be high-vibe or a spiritual good girl to get it. 

The truth is, money loves you when you’re moody, tired, annoyed, cranky, anxious, or sad. Money still wants you, even when you’re being a moody bitch! In today’s episode, I’m sharing why you do...

Sep 23, 2022

Do you sometimes feel like an irresponsible little girl who can’t make, handle, or hold her money? (I don’t want you to shame that little girl, she most likely just recreated what was modeled for her.)


When you don’t trust money to be reliable, or when it doesn’t feel safe - to hold on to it, or to receive it...

Sep 16, 2022

I want to open your channels, Lover.


In my world, there are infinite ways to receive money and tap into the energy of wealth - and I want you to be open to ALL of them. 

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the energetic & practical tools you can use to open your channels to wealth so you can receive all the fucking...

Sep 9, 2022

n this Sexy Client Spotlight I chat with my client Andrea who is in for the 2nd round of my Multi-Orgasmic & Mind-Blown mastermind⁣

We talk about… ⁣

What it was like for her to say yes to my mastermind after we had been in a mastermind together as peers with our previous mentor

What her desires were for...

Sep 9, 2022

We don’t shame your shame here, Lover. 

We LOVE that part of you.


Because shame is not a sign that something is wrong with you, or that you’re broken, fucked up, or bad. 


Whether you experience shame around how you spend your money, that you don’t have enough of it, or that you’re falling into cycles of...