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Reclaiming Your Eroticism Podcast

Jan 22, 2021

Are you feeling the impulse to go deeper into your eroticism? Want to uplevel your sex and relationship? In today’s episode, I share the secret that up-leveled the sex in my life and how it can help you have the better, hotter, and more frequent sex you’ve been craving. 

I get into:

  • The investment my partner and I have made in our sexuality and how it is affecting our sex life
  • How you can start having better connection, sex, pleasure, and orgasms in your life
  • What it really takes to build trust in a container
  • How I am communicating with my partner in hot as fuck ways now that we have support
  • Why our coach scheduled ritual dates for us and why we are doing a Desire Jar
  • Why my fears got amplified when I decided to hire a relationship coach (and how I overcame them)
  • What a “simmer state” is and why this is important for your sex!
  • Why I invest in support for my life and business (and how this can help you uplevel your life and sex)
  • And more!

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