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Sex & Wealth Codes

Jan 27, 2023

Ready to gush on Mary Magdalene & dive into the 7 deadly sins?

I have an extra juicy episode for you this week, Lover. I’m joined by my dear friend & founder of the Magnetic Woman, Lauren Joyce. We’re bringing sexuality and pleasure into the realm of the sacred with our raw, spicy, red-hot & holy perspectives on power, sexuality & sin. Ready to hear how a good little Catholic girl reclaimed the 7 deadly sins & her sexual priestess? You don’t want to miss this. 

We get into:

  • Being a good little Catholic girl & confronting religious programming
  • A deep dive on Mary Magdalene, her portrayal in Catholicism v. as a sexual priestess, and more
  • How you can begin to reclaim your own sexual priestess - and the 7 deadly sins!
  • A breakdown of the 7 deadly sins & the shadow representation and reclamation of each
  • And more


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