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Sex & Wealth Codes

Dec 23, 2022

Your most orgasmic year yet is totally possible, Lover.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the 4 ways to have your most orgasmic year yet. Whether your goal is bigger results in your business, more satisfying & fulfilling sex, shifting your daily mindset so you can experience more pleasure, or something else - you’re going to be able to apply these principles to make ANY season or stage your most orgasmic one ever. 

Join me for the shifts you can make now (you don’t even have to wait for the new year!) to honor your desires and create a wetter, better, hotter, more orgasmic life.

I get into:

  • The 4 steps you can take to have your most orgasmic year yet
  • One shift you can make around the unknown in your life to help you get the things you want
  • Pleasure in the moment v. focusing on the end goal
  • Evaluating the communities you are in (or want to be in!) going into the new year
  • Why I want you to start prioritizing THESE 2 things in your life and business
  • And more


“Your Most Orgasmic Year Yet”, a 3-hour virtual retreat party & sex magic ritual:

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