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Sex & Wealth Codes

Jul 22, 2022

When I first started working with money I had all this unconscious programming that told me money didn’t feel good, that making it had to be hard & heavy (& maybe even painful).

So, I avoided it. Resisted it. Decided it wasn’t meant for me.

But I was so wrong, Lover. And I want better for you. 


In today’s episode, I dive into the ways you can start to let life fuck you open to more money and how to build wealth from turn-on and eros. Because making money gets to be sexy, and building wealth gets to feel orgasmic & sensual. 

Ready to live a bigger life than just making enough money to get by? Let me teach you how to build wealth - the sexy way. 

I get into:

  • Making the powerful shift from survival mode to a wealth mindset
  • Conditioning v. the knowing - and how this played out in my own life & business
  • The things that could be influencing your own relationship with money (and how to deprogram!)
  • How I set my business up to indulge my hedonist tendencies (it’s all about pleasure over here, Lover)
  • Money v. wealth - what’s the real difference?
  • And more


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