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Sex & Wealth Codes

Jul 1, 2022

If you feel pain during penetration, numbness, or even just boredom - you may not be playing in the infinite playground of the erotic. 

But don’t worry Lover, because this juicy episode is just what you need to shift all that. (Even if penetration is already orgasmic for you - because guess what? It gets to be even BETTER)

In today’s episode, I’m sharing my favorite tips and tools for allowing and preparing for penetration so that your experience with it is wetter, better, hotter & more erotic. Because we don’t just want penetration to feel tolerable or good. We want it to be ORGASMIC. 

Ready to experience penetration so good, that you don’t want to rush into orgasm? Come play with me…

I get into:

  • Some of the things that could be affecting your readiness, desire, or interest in penetration
  • Why your pussy might be numb (and how this sensation played a role in my own sexual awakening journey)
  • How to use the Erotic Blueprints™ to enhance your penetration experience
  • An anatomy breakdown of your pussy & vulva
  • Vaginal de-armouring - what it is & my resources to help you do it
  • My program to help you discover the specific strokes, techniques, and practices to make orgasmic penetration a thing for YOU
  • And more

Come join us in “Turned the Fuck On”, a 12-week LIVE group coaching program where you’ll seductively drop sexual shame, explore your authentic eroticism & walk away knowing exactly what leaves you dripping wet & turned the fuck on:


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