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Sex & Wealth Codes

Feb 18, 2023

This is a repurposed Instagram live from Feb 17th, 2023

I'm tuning in from a very steamy (& sweaty) bath to share about the hot 45-minute self pleasure ritual I had...which was followed by toe-curling orgasmic sex with my lover of 8 years

I share 3 keys to sex that keeps getting better & hotter — yes, even with yourself

#2 is definitely unconventional, but it will change your sex life AND relationship with money forever

Why not do both simultaneously and be both well fucked & wealthy?

It's something that helps you build a solid foundation of relaxation in your nervous system

If you're hungry for a deep experience of being held in erotic rituals for 9 months...

And experiencing the pleasure of your humanity by enjoying the pleasures of being passionate sex, delicious food, earth-shatting orgasms, dancing, making money, etc.

While also connecting to your divinity and feeling how powerful, limitless, soulful, goddess-incarnate and sacred you are...

🌹Then I invite you to claim your spot in my 9-month Mary Magdalene Sex Priestess Training

We start the first week of March!

🔥NEW extended plan of $500/month for 18 months available too

Dm me or book a call to get the conversation started about you joining us & claiming your spot as a sex priestess of the Mary Magdalene Red Thread Lineage

Or if you're looking for a lower cost way to work with me or you wanna get a taste...

My Wealthy & Well Fucked Sx Priestess masterclass series is only $33 through Feb 18th right before the stroke of Midnight EST

The price doubles after that!

Join us for the Wealthy and Well Fucked Sex Priestess Masterclass:

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