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Sex & Wealth Codes

Apr 25, 2022

Why raising your standards isn’t working…yet

Have you been trying to set a boundary? Raise a standard? Lock in a new standard & norm?

But you keep sliding into old patterns literally seconds after declaring you’re no longer willing to settle


“Universe, I’m only available for $15k months” and then a client decides not to sign or your launch has a slow slump in the middle

So you drop the standard you were trying to raise and say things like…

“We’ll as long as I make $5k this month I’ll be good. I just need $5k to get by & pay my bills”

But you really want to be the bitch who makes $15k cash a month or more!

So I share WHY you trying to raise your standards may not feel or seem like it’s working…yet…& what to do to lock it in as your new norm

How sexy is that???

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