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Sex & Wealth Codes

Dec 5, 2017

Watch/read on the blog for full resources: Support Rachael's 'Sex After Trauma' book Kickstarter: Download my free resources here: Follow my erotic adventures on Instagram: Join my 1900+ private Facebook group for women only: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you've ever found yourself hating, fearing or dreading sex, then I have a very juicy treat for you - an erotic conversation with Rachael Maddox that may very well begin to change the trajectory of your whole life, especially your sexual life. This conversation may only change your life a little bit, but it will definitely be powerful. It changed something for me and I was the one interviewing her.  This is something every single woman needs to know and was by far one of my favorite conversations ever. I had Rachael on my podcast earlier this year and she continues to blow me away with her fierce, yet gentle and sensual spirit.  She's bringing a very important message to the women of the world: sex after trauma.  Many women that I speak to or work with in my courses or coaching have experienced some kind of trauma, myself included. It can be scary to think about having sex or experiencing pleasure (both sensual and sexual) after experiencing some kind of traumatic event, regardless of who or what caused the trauma.  Rachael shared so beautifully in this conversation and I found myself being opened, encouraged and invited to see things with a new perspective. I could literally feel some of my deep wounds and old beliefs coming to light as we were talking.  A few ancient pieces snapped into place within me as we went deeper into our discussion around sexual trauma and why sex after trauma is such a key piece in a woman's erotic and sensual journey. You're definitely not going to want to miss this episode. I was surprised and delighted so much throughout this conversation and I felt my heart opening in new ways that can only happen when you allow yourself to be held in the love of a woman who has been there.  In this podcast episode Rachael and I discuss: Signs that you may be experiencing sexual trauma in your body Why she's focusing on sex after trauma  How to begin experiencing sex & pleasure again after trauma What a sexual shadow is (I was totally surprised & blown away by Rachael's share) How to practice saying no to reduce anxiety in the bedroom & life (Rachael leads me through a rather vulnerable, but super powerful practice) And soooo much more!