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Sex & Wealth Codes

Mar 30, 2020

LISTEN FOR FULL RESOURCES ON MY BLOG: Today’s podcast episode is a very personal one, because I’m sharing all the raw and real details of my journey with the seductress archetype, especially while on lockdown due to COVID-19. I’m taking you deep into the SEDUCTRESS archetype (make sure to join the 5-Day Seductress Experience for free here)… And we’re exploring seduction, rejection and resentment. Something that I see often (in myself too) is the cycle of seduction, rejection and resentment. Most womxn I know repress their erotic power and inner seductress…so they wait for their partner to come onto them. They’re too afraid to seduce their partners for fear of rejection…and when their partner can’t read their mind or due “reject” them, they shut down their sexuality even more and feel resentful and filled with rage and bitterness. I’ve been there…many times. Including this past weekend! haha I’m so cute when I repress my own seductress and expect my partner to fulfill all of my needs And so are you! Listen below and we’ll go into WHY owning your seductress is the antidote to the rejection and resentment cycle. We’ll explore WHY excavating, integrating and embodying your SEDUCTRESS is key for owning your erotic power, activating your magnetism and feeling deeply fulfilled and being met, seen and fucked to your core. Join the 5-Day SEDUCTRESS Experience here: I’d love for you to SUBSCRIBE on iTunes and leave me a review — it will help the podcast get out. Subscribe on iTunes:…st/id1085118625 Connect with me on Instagram: Join my Private FB group for womxn only: