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Sex & Wealth Codes

Sep 8, 2016

Listen on my website for full resources: Listen to today’s podcast episode and learn… Five “secrets” to becoming an orgasmic woman (HINT: they’re natural for you already, but may need a little awakening) Two principles to implement to get what you’re really craving sexually (these will help you become orgasmic) A glimpse into my past and how I’ve returned to my deeply erotic, highly orgasmic nature after years or sexual shame (and how YOU can too) By the way, if you want to begin or deepen a jade egg practice and really tap into your erotic power, pleasure and orgasmic potential, then I invite you to grab a free copy of my jade egg ebook, Awaken Your Erotic Power Using a Jade Egg here: When you sign up, you’ll also get invited to join me in a couple of weeks when I reveal my complimentary jade egg video salon, which is a free 3-part video series that will take you on a journey through the power and beauty of using a jade egg to awaken vaginal pleasure, harness your sexual energy and connect you back to your deeply erotic and highly orgasmic nature as a woman.