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Sex & Wealth Codes

Nov 25, 2019

LISTEN ON MY WEBSITE FOR FULL RESOURCES: In today's episode of the RECLAIMING YOUR EROTICISM PODCAST, I'm featuring a very special guest -- my lover and partner Andy! We have an open, honest and sexy conversation about our relationship, our sex life, how we create an erotic partnership and we also answer some of your questions that were submitted for us. I'm so excited to share him with you in this episode and we had so much fun recording this intimate conversation.  We explore things in this juicy podcast episode like... What I expected my relationship with Andy to be like in the beginning vs what actually happened How to communicate to your partner that you want to go on an erotic journey together or improve your sex life together How we handle our emotions coming up in our relationship and during sex The sexy practice I do that helps me communicate with Andy or let go of anger towards him (he was surprised that I do this haha) How we make time for sex with a 14-month old toddler How each of us gives and receives love or makes the other person feel loved How to navigate mismatched libidos in your relationship What Andy thinks about the work that I do and how he really feels about how much I show and share online How we deal with stagnancy and sameness in our relationship Our thoughts on fantasizing about others outside of our relationship Why we prioritize our sex life using Erotic Play Dates Sign up for my 4-Part Reclaiming Your Eroticism Video Series: Doors close for my 12-week group coaching program for womxn Deeply Erotic on November 26th at Midnight EST: I’d love for you to SUBSCRIBE on iTunes and leave me a review — it will help the podcast get out. Subscribe on iTunes:…st/id1085118625 Connect with me on Instagram: