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Sex & Wealth Codes

Dec 10, 2022

How to break repeating (frustrating) money patterns 

This live from my Instagram (@amberleitz) is going to change your life…

Imagine feeling free from your pattern without having to even break it…

Imagine feeling free, powerful, secure, safe, fulfilled, turned on around money

Including your sexy little money patterns that you’ve felt stuck in for months or years

I’ll teach you my 4-step process (it’s not linear) for moving through highly charged patterns that keep reoccurring despite trying a million things to shift or end them

And if you’re ready to shift your relationship to your patterns & money right the fuck now to feel more regulated, free, secure, powerful & turned on…


A 9-week group coaching program for you if you want to learn how to move from feeling highly charged (anxious, afraid, ashamed) around money to neutral…and even turned on!

Doors close Monday night!

Or I have one, very rare private coaching spot open to be snatched up in December only

You & me for 6 months

$3k/month (normally $4k/month)

PLUS you get SEXY MONEY CODES & FROM OVERDRAFT TO OVERFLOW programs for free as a 1:1 client ($888 + $444 values)

Sexy Money Codes, a 9-week group program to shift your relationship with money:

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