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Sex & Wealth Codes

Mar 6, 2020

LISTEN FOR FULL RESOURCES ON MY BLOG: Today’s podcast episode is a teaser and seductive sneak peek into part of the curriculum for my Solo Sex Magic program. You’ll learn about the Orgasmic Desire Cycle…which is a cycle that every single one of your hottest, juiciest desires will go through as you manifest them. I compare the journey we go on with a desire to that of the journey we go on when we engage in sex or self pleasure and it’s something you can return to over and over again. In this episode I talk about… What the Orgasmic Desire Cycle is & how every single one of your desires (the ones that turn you the fuck on at least) will go through this cycle How you can use this cycle to figure out where you are in the manifestation process, get turned back on and stay connected to your desire in the most orgasmic way The different phases of the cycle and how they compare to sex Why you should treat your desires/goals like your greatest lover How to get past fears that your desires are “greedy, wrong, bad or selfish” & why those desires are the best ones to choose How to foreplay the fuck out of your desire so that the entire journey feels orgasmic, enjoyable and keeps you turned on and soooo much more! Sign up for my 4-Part Reclaiming Your Eroticism Video Series: I’d love for you to SUBSCRIBE on iTunes and leave me a review — it will help the podcast get out. Subscribe on iTunes:…st/id1085118625 Connect with me on Instagram: Join my Private FB group for womxn only: Check out my Solo Sex Magic Program (doors close March 13th):