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Sex & Wealth Codes

Mar 30, 2017

For full resources, including Eyal's information, watch or listen on the blog: Have you been curious about what a conscious, sexually empowered man has to say around female sexuality and orgasm? If so, you won’t want to miss today’s podcast conversation…it’s super juicy and full of practices and insights that will help you begin unleashing your own orgasm and activating yourself deeper as a sexual woman.  Today I have someone special on the podcast. The first man invited onto the podcast for a conversation around sexuality is Eyal Matsliah. I’ve been following his work for a couple of years now and recently I’ve seen him on several other podcasts and just knew I had to invite him on to share his sacred sexual wisdom with you.  I’ve also been religiously reading his book ‘Orgasm Unleashed – Your guide to pleasure, healing and power’ and his view of female sexuality and orgasm really needs to be spread far and wide.  Here’s what Eyal and I talk about in this episode: Eyal’s journey with sexual awakening and how he came to explore female sexuality Orgasmic activation that will allow you to enter into an hour-long orgasmic state – without even needing to be touched What women are really seeking and hungry for when it comes to sex, orgasm and pleasure Practical and pleasurable ways to call in a man by letting go of the boys (his poem gave me whole body chills) The seductive, feminine way to let your man know what you want sexually without hurting his feelings or making him feel inadequate Expanding your orgasm into a whole body or internalized blissful experience that is implosive, fulfilling and deeply pleasurable (not quick, shallow and disconnecting) To connect with Eyal: "Orgasm Unleashed - Your guide to Pleasure, Healing and Power" teaches a woman how to become deeply orgasmic by herself, and later share that with her partner. Download a free sample or get the gorgeous paperback at For resources, support and a vibrant community of women on this journey, join the "sexual empowerment for women" movement and group here: Learn more about Eyal at: ----------------------------- Join my private Facebook group for women: Follow me on Instagram: Download the Jade Egg Sexual Mastery ebook: