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Sex & Wealth Codes

Jan 22, 2023

This is a repurposed Instagram live titled From “I Wanna Hide Forever” Resistance to Red-Hot Turn On

I woke up the other morning feeling intense resistance & paralyzed with fear

Which showed up as…

— Not posting on social media when I have a free sex priestess training to promote

— wanting to crawl under the covers & hide forever

— feeling turned off & creatively blocked like there was a thick red curtain between me & my creativity/soul

— judging & shaming myself for being in resistance

And now I feel red-hot turned on & like I can’t keep my mouth (or legs) shut lol

I have posts flowing out of me left & right

I feel powerful & connected back to WHY I’m offering my FREE 2-hour AWAKEN YOUR SEX PRIESTESS experience

So in this live/episode I take you through my personal process (same I use with clients) to go from feeling like I wanna hide forever in my resistance…

And like I have nothing good to say on the internet today…

to turned the fuck on & like hot posts are flowing out of me like wild 

If you want a direct experience of feeling connected to your inner sex priestess, come to my FREE ritual happening January 24th from 6-8 pm EST


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