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Sex & Wealth Codes

Feb 4, 2022

What if this juicy fucking moment right here isn’t the best there is? What if that hot, wet, satisfying sex you had could get even better? I have a little inspiration quickie for you this week where I am inviting you to play in this vibe. Play the what-if game with me today and imagine - what if sex & life just keep getting better & better? 


I get into:

  • Why it’s totally possible for your sex to keep getting better and better (whether you’re having mindblowing sex & orgasms yet - or not!)
  • The cervix and heart connection 
  • Why consistent practice with your eroticism is SO important (hint: I want you to experience extended orgasmic states, lover!)
  • How I make money while having amazing sex & self-pleasure sessions
  • And more!

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