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Sex & Wealth Codes

Dec 3, 2021

You’re about to receive your desires, your pussy is already wet for it. But this moment - right before you receive it all - is important. You can either open up and be penetrated by your desires in the most delicious way, or you can close off or even sabotage. In today’s episode, I am sharing an intimate sneak peek into what I’ve been conjuring, the juicy details on how I embody and integrate things deeper to prepare myself to orgasmically receive all my desires - and how you can use these tools to do the same!


I get into:

  • The culmination point right before you receive what you desire - and why preparing for it is key
  • How to use pleasure, eroticism, sisterhood & rituals to open yourself up to receive your desires
  • An intimate peek into how I am soothing my nervous system and preparing to receive 3 of my BIGGEST desires
  • One of the MOST powerful ways to quickly stabilize yourself at a new level (of business, love, sex, or money!)
  • And more!


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