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Sex & Wealth Codes

Nov 19, 2021

There is an important difference between trying to be seen and allowing yourself to be seen. And when this shifted for me, lover - everything changed! In today’s episode, I am sharing how I used the erotic to expand my capacity to be truly seen online & in the bedroom (of course, this applies here too!) and some of the ways you can practice allowing yourself to be seen - and feel regulated and safe while doing it. 


I get into:

  • How to use pleasure, sensuality & the erotic to expand your capacity to be seen
  • The BIGGEST shift that allowed me to become truly visible online (and in the bedroom!)
  • Some of the ways you can practice being seen so you can feel safe next time you get really visible online
  • How putting yourself out there externally may not be enough - and what needs to change
  • And more! 


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