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Sex & Wealth Codes

Sep 24, 2021

Want to know exactly how I scaled to 6-figures? I know you’ve been waiting patiently for the Erotic Headmistress’s secret. Truth is, there isn’t ONE magic funnel or strategy that got me there. But there was a secret ingredient. In today’s episode, I share the 6 things that got me to 6-figures in my business, the vital thing that I infused into every single one, and the 6 things I had to shift to be able to do it. Join me this week as I dive deep into the 6 MOST IMPORTANT things you can be doing to scale to 6-figures - the sexy, turned on & pleasurable way. 

I get into:

  • The 6 MOST IMPORTANT things you can be doing to scale your business to 6-figures - without hustle or burnout!
  • Why these 6 things needed to shift for me to start seeing big results in my business
  • The magic funnel myth - and what to do instead!! 
  • Why you need tools to deal with comparison & sisterhood wounds if you want to uplevel! 
  • My secret ingredient for fast results in your business (hint: if you know me, this one will be easy to guess!)
  • Why you need to make EVERYTHING count and how to manifest your desires using this principle
  • And more!


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