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Sex & Wealth Codes

Sep 17, 2021

Welcome back, lover. If you’ve ever felt pulled to one of my containers, but just haven’t given yourself the permission to do it - then this is your invitation to Hot Bitch Happy Hour, where you will get all your sexy, little questions answered! Join me and two of my amazing mastermind clients, Nicolette & Viktoria, as we have an intimate chat about the fun, sexy, courtesan shit we are co-creating together and the magic that comes from being in a container with me. Tune in and get into the vibes of women who are committed to blowing their own fucking minds and find out what it’s really like to do this work - with me! 

We get into:

  • A sexy, playful interview with two of my amazing mastermind clients about what it’s really like to work with me! 
  • Why they signed up for support with me and how it has served them in their businesses
  • How bringing eroticism to taboo areas like business & leadership has influenced what they are doing in the world
  • What we HAVE to cultivate to create truly sustainable businesses
  • How my mindset rituals and practices have helped them make shifts with more ease (hint: I throw a little kink in there!) 
  • The bare-bones definition of eroticism - it might surprise you
  • Busting fears around fast growth (and what can help you do it!)
  • And more! 


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