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Sex & Wealth Codes

Sep 10, 2021

As you continue to uplevel and go deeper into your own power - the same shit will come up. Your sadistic little brain will try and tell you that everything you’ve created is a fluke. But this is exactly why you need to domme that kinky bitch! In today’s episode, I give you an intimate peek inside my journal - I share all the real shit that still comes up for me at this level, the erotic embodiment practice I use to seduce my way through them, and how you can use this same practice to flip the script on your brain and move through your fears with seduction and pleasure. 


I get into:

  • The process of my Erotic Headmistress Mindset Ritual - and how you can use it to seduce your way through discomfort and fears in your life & business! 
  • A sexy sneak peek into my journal (and the fears that are still coming up for me at this level)
  • How your unconscious thoughts could be holding you back from your desires - and what to do about it!
  • The MOST IMPORTANT thing you need for mindset and pleasure practices to actually work
  • And more!

Get in the mastermind and blow your own mind!

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