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Reclaiming Your Eroticism Podcast

Sep 3, 2021

Maybe switching strategies isn’t the answer, lover. Maybe you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or go back to the drawing board if you aren’t seeing the results you crave - you just have to do ONE very important thing instead. In today’s episode, I share why I am seeing juicy as fuck results from using the same strategy (just more refined!) for the last 7 years in my business and how you can tap into the MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to seduce and become more magnetic to results you never even thought possible.

I get into:

  • The BIGGEST reason why doing the same things in my business is getting me different results
  • Why I use sexuality & eros as the core principle and energy to make money - and why you should too! 
  • The MOST potent practices you can use to get back in touch with your power 
  • What really happens when we try and repress our sexuality (hint: it isn’t fucking good!)
  • Why I stayed stuck at a specific financial income level for a long time - and what got me out of it
  • And more!

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