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Sex & Wealth Codes

Aug 27, 2021

Lover, if you know me, you know that I am so fucking committed to seducing my way deeper into my erotic power, pleasure & turn on (and if you don’t know me yet - tune in, because you are getting a sexy peek inside my juiciest desires on today’s show!) In this episode, I’m sharing how I am seducing my way toward FIVE juicy as fuck desires, my favorite practices for manifesting my way toward them, and how to step into your own erotic energy so you can bring all of your deepest desires to you, too!

I get into:

  • The 5 sexy things I’m currently manifesting - and how I use erotic energy to do it
  • An amazing virtual Pussy Rave I recently attended (and how to join this hot as fuck event!)
  • What my multiple orgasms & multiple 6-figures desire means to me, the mindset blocks that come up around it, and how I work through them
  • Your lightning path to power & pleasure (and how to tap into it!)
  • Why I am planning the celebrations for my desires coming to me - before they come!
  • The specific practices I use to drop into the energy of someone who gets EVERYTHING they want
  • What the movie “Pretty Woman” has to do with one of my desires
  • And more! 


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