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Sex & Wealth Codes

Aug 20, 2021

I know sometimes it can feel like everyone around you is fucking crushing it. You’re scrolling and seeing women who are making the money you want to make. They are having the sex you want to have. Their DM’s are filled with hot, hungry clients that can’t wait to throw money at them. And your bratty, sexy victim brain is thinking - why can’t I get there? Lover, if you’ve been doing all the right things, practicing your mindset, using all the pleasure tools and are still feeling stuck - this one’s for you. Today, I’m giving you an episode you can come back to whenever you fall into jealousy, comparison, or self-doubt so you can release the pressure - and enjoy the journey to your (inevitable) desires! 


I get into:

  • My favorite transmissions on how to shift out of comparison and self-doubt (come back to this over and over when you need a reminder!) 
  • Why your desires are NEVER getting further away - and how to shift your mindset to collapse time around them
  • How to look at your “signature shadows” in a different way (and how this will help domme that bratty brain of yours!)
  • One of the MOST IMPORTANT things that will help you quantum leap toward your desires
  • Why hurrying up and forcing your way to a desire is not the answer (and what to do instead!)
  • An easy, simple practice to help you enjoy the delicious experience of reaching your goals
  • And so many more juicy downloads!


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