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Sex & Wealth Codes

Aug 13, 2021

Lover, I want you to imagine being in a deeply loving relationship that is also lustful and sexy. Okay, now imagine making fuck tons of money while also making a huge impact. Does that feel possible for you? Sometimes the two things that seem in opposition of each other are the exact two things that need to be integrated. In today’s episode, I share one of the BIGGEST duality struggles I see with my clients (and myself!) and how to shift it so you can open to receive more money, pleasure & success in your life and business! 

I get into:

  • The ONE THING you need to tap into in your business to make more money! 
  • My favorite advice for infusing more of your work activities with pleasure
  • How to reframe the things that you are doing into money-making activities (my baths make me money - it’s true, lover!)
  • Why being in pleasure should be the #1 priority in your business
  • And more! 


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