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Reclaiming Your Eroticism Podcast

May 13, 2021

You are right there - about to dive into the sea of potential and possibility and limitlessness. Are you going to lean in and claim what is waiting for you? In today’s episode, I share how I dance with, seduce, and revel in the kinky pleasure of jumping over the edge toward my desires and how you can domme your brain into believing the truth - that the money, clients, orgasms, and lover(s) are all right there waiting for you, you just have to trust yourself and go all in.

I get into:

  • Why the woman who does this ONE THING gets what she wants
  • What a “right before it’s coming” moment is (and what to do if you are there right now!)
  • The BIGGEST way that doubts and fear show up for me in my business (and how I move through it)
  • What your cute little brain creates every time you claim a desire
  • Why I use the erotic as a powerful evolution tool in my courses (and in my life!)
  • Practical tips for how to work through the discomfort of upleveling
  • How to lust for what you have while staying open to receive MORE!
  • And more!


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