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Sex & Wealth Codes

Apr 2, 2021

The seductress, the courtesan, the sexy submissive, the lazy pleasure hedonist - my leadership includes ALL parts of me. And that means I can show up for my clients as my authentic and fully embodied self (like when I take client calls in my luxurious bathtub!) In today’s episode, I break down how the fuck I do RICH HOT EROTIC leadership - what it is, how you can start to show up as the turned-on and magnetic leader you want to be, and why making your own rules will bring you more money, pleasure, and turn-on than you thought possible. 

I get into:

  • My journey with leadership and the call to really step into it in 2020
  • How leading from your eroticism can uplevel your leadership and life!
  • The secret ingredient for my courses and why I won’t create them without it
  • Examples of how I lead from pussy & eros (and some ways you can start to make your own rules about what leadership can look like for you!) 
  • The #1 MOST IMPORTANT thing you can tap into every day to uplevel your leadership!
  • And so much more!

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