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Sex & Wealth Codes

Feb 26, 2021

Want to make fuck tons of money with ease and pleasure? Are you telling yourself that you will have to work harder & longer to get there, but still secretly think it’s not possible? Well, the truth is - your cute little brain is lying to you because making money can be easy! In today’s episode, I share how I have used my seductress to make fuck tons of money in my business and how you can shift your mindset around money and harness the raw power of the seductress to pull more money, sex, love (and any other fucking thing you want!) into your life.

I get into:

  • My path to building a seductive relationship with money
  • The BIGGEST mindset shift you need to make around money to start magnetizing more of it into your life
  • How I brought in 15k cash in January using my seductress (all while in ease and pleasure!)
  • Some common fears that could be blocking you from making the money you deserve (and how to bust through them!)
  • The new paradigm of seduction and money (and why seducing your way to fuck tons of money is NOT dirty or wrong!)
  • And so much more!


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