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Sex & Wealth Codes

Feb 12, 2021

It’s okay to want what you fucking want. Your desires are holy and beautiful and divinely meant just for you. In today’s episode, I take you through how to claim your desires from your seductress and some tools to help you lean into discomfort while turning yourself the fuck on so that you can start seducing your way to getting your truest desires met. 

I get into:

  • Why the seductress is a true path to getting what you want (and how to tap into your own seductress energy)
  • The importance of being in pleasure and turn-on when asking for something
  • Why it is a disservice to others if you do not ask for what you really want!
  • Finding conscious and consensual ways to integrate your shadow desires
  • What happens when we integrate our seductress and FULLY ask for what we want
  • My own edgy desire that came up around money and how I asked my partner for what I truly wanted
  • And more!


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