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Sex & Wealth Codes

Dec 18, 2020

Are you struggling with a setback in your life or business? You are not alone, lover! But don’t worry - pussy knows something greater is happening beneath the surface. On today’s episode, I take you through what I did to flirt with a recent challenge in my business and what you can be doing to pussify the challenges in your life so you can drop into MORE pussy, pleasure & turn on, and domme the fuck out of the things that seemingly aren’t working in your life. 

I get into:

  • My recent business challenge and how I used it to dial up the amount of self-care, sensuality & pleasure in my life
  • How you can use a setback in your life as an opportunity to trust MORE (and how to do it!)
  • The 2 BIGGEST things I leaned into that helped me domme the fuck out of my recent setback (and how you can do this too!)
  • How the past me would have responded to this situation and how I shifted my mindset
  • The SIMPLEST way to practice my ritual, Rage Grief Ecstasy
  • What our brain is telling us when we experience a setback (and what to believe instead)
  • And so much more!

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