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Sex & Wealth Codes

Nov 13, 2020

Hello, lover. Are you checking out during sex? Maybe your partner is going straight for your genitals and it turns you off? The truth is, we all have a unique, erotic map for what turns us off and ON in the bedroom and in life. So, on today’s episode I am taking you through the Erotic Blueprints™ body of work to show you the tools you can be using to connect more authentically with your own pleasure and to be able to better communicate your needs to a partner. Fuck their one-size-fits-all formula, let’s figure out what really turns you on and get you the wetter, better, hotter sex you’ve been looking for. 


 I get into:

  • Why understanding your own Erotic Blueprint™ is the key to satisfying sex for a lifetime
  • The 4 BIGGEST things that stop us from feeling turned on and sexually fulfilled
  • Lack of proper sex education and what that does to our turn-on
  • The 5 Erotic Blueprints™ and some turn ons and offs for each
  • My own blueprint and how that plays a role in my eroticism
  • The MOST IMPORTANT thing that could be holding you back from the hot sex you want
  • And more!

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