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Sex & Wealth Codes

Dec 16, 2022

If you’ve been straddling the fence about getting private coaching support, your erotic headmistress is here to call you out in the most loving & kinky way. 

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the 8 signs you’re ready for private coaching and some sexy tips to help you unravel some of the fears and blocks around this kind of investment so you can really feel into what’s right for you in this next season of your life and business. 

If you’ve been ready for a while and pretending you’re not -

If you’re playing sexy little stories in your head of the bad things that will happen if you make this kind of investment -

Or if you feel like you’re still getting ready to be ready…this one’s for you, Lover. 

I get into:

  • The 8 signs to help you figure out if you’re ready for private coaching
  • What being triggered by someone’s content can mean for you and your business
  • Why being held through the hard stuff is NOT all there is to private coaching
  • Teaching v. Mentorship - the difference and how to know what stage you’re in
  • And more

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