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Sex & Wealth Codes

Oct 21, 2022

I am deeply dedicated to my self-pleasure practice. 

When you engage in consistent sex, self-pleasure, or erotic practices - it manifests in powerful results for your life & business. And because these benefits go so far beyond physical pleasure, I encourage my clients to develop and commit to a self-pleasure practice too!

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the 7 powerful ways your self-pleasure practice can help you make & hold more money. If you struggle with the high sensations that come up around money & wealth, this one’s for you Lover. Get ready for the erotic and energetic benefits of choosing pleasure.

I get into:

  • The 7 ways self-pleasure and erotic practice can actually make you more money
  • How sex & self-pleasure can help you overcome your fears around money & wealth
  • Learning to hold high sensations in the body
  • Playing with dom and sub dynamics in sex AND money
  • How to create more positive associations with money by developing a powerful self-pleasure practice
  • And more

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