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Sex & Wealth Codes

Jul 15, 2022

In my world, we’re playing at the next level of sex, wealth, power, eros & legacy. 

Where we honor desire and the craving from pussy for something bigger and deeper than simple survival (not to make you bad or wrong if survival is where you’re at - I totally get it and have been there)

But the core energy of my work and what I’m stepping into is helping women fully claim their next sex, wealth & power level - and apply it to their leadership & legacy. 

If you feel like there’s something more knocking on your door -

If you want to shift into a lifestyle that is full of freedom, pleasure & desire -

If you want to focus on your legacy and generational wealth instead of just getting by - 

This one’s for you. 

I get into:

  • Reclaiming your next level of sex, wealth & legacy
  • A little taste of my introductory course TTFO, to help you connect with your eros (especially if you’re feeling like you’re in survival mode)
  • What generational wealth & generational eros mean to me
  • Need v. desire - and what happens when you play in the desire realm
  • And so much more



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