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Sex & Wealth Codes

Apr 15, 2022

Are there places in your life and business where you’re not giving yourself permission to do, be, have & experience the things you want? 

Because I know you want more, Lover.

More orgasms. More money. More power. More impact. 

But the little voice that says you’re not THAT bitch (the sexy little bitch who gets to have more) - its holding you back!

Today I’m inviting you into the vibe & the frequency of how to be that bitch. I’m sharing (from my inner THAT bitch, to yours…) how to blow your own fucking mind and get all the things your juicy heart desires by daring to be THAT bitch. 

I get into:

  • The energetics and standards of being THAT bitch
  • My FREE 3-day event to help you become the leader & powerful bitch who blows her own mind
  • Some powerful examples of how I have owned, stepped into, and fully claimed that I am indeed THAT bitch (and the ways that you can too!)
  • And more 


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