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Sex & Wealth Codes

Feb 11, 2022

What area(s) of your life do you desire more of these things, Lover?







And what if refining your life through this lens was the answer to getting everything you want? Today, I dive deep into these 4 areas, what they mean & the practical ways you can embody them, and share how you can start to refine your life through this lens. Are you ready to get in deeper alignment with your soul truth and descend down into your power with me? 


I get into:

  • The process of refinement - and doing it through the lens of eros, pleasure, luxury & wealth
  • Why I am obsessed with the erotic blueprints - and how I actually use them with my clients (and in my own sex life!)
  • Some examples of the different areas of your life that you can transform by refining your life through any of these 4 lenses
  • Connecting to your pleasure - what I do 1st thing in the morning (and one of the MOST popular pleasure tools I use with my clients)
  • Some of my favorite tips to make your days more luxurious - and what this could manifest! 
  • The frequency of wealth and how to live in this overflow and divine excess
  • And so much more!


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