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Sex & Wealth Codes

Sep 15, 2016

Listen on my website for full resources: Listen to today’s podcast episode and learn… What keeps a woman from fully surrendering to her lover sexually What the masculine & feminine both need in order to meet this craving for surrender My journey with surrender & how it lead to my first of many vaginal orgasms during sex My juiciest & most pleasurable suggestions on how to tap into the art of sexual surrender By the way, if you want to begin or deepen a jade egg practice and really tap into your erotic power, pleasure and orgasmic potential, then I invite you to grab a free copy of my jade egg ebook, Awaken Your Erotic Power Using a Jade Egg here: When you sign up, you’ll also get invited to join me in a couple of weeks when I reveal my complimentary jade egg video salon, which is a free 3-part video series that will take you on a journey through the power and beauty of using a jade egg to awaken vaginal pleasure, harness your sexual energy and connect you back to your deeply erotic and highly orgasmic nature as a woman.