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Sex & Wealth Codes

Apr 21, 2022

In this bonus episode from a repurposed Instagram Live, I share my personal journey with claiming my role as a leader…at the most inconvenient & destabilizing time ⁣⁣


I talk about how I’ve stepped further & deeper into leadership over the past year…& how this has led to my own coach & colleagues hiring me⁣⁣


Plus some of the cute ways I was hiding or playing small⁣⁣


You’re a woman who’s ready to claim yourself as an industry leader or go to the next, even bigger, even deeper (& more embodied) level of claiming your status as an industry level…& maybe that fucking terrifies you. ⁣⁣


We talk about this in the bonus episode & I recommend joining my Industry Leader masterclass series. 


Each masterclass will feature a sexy, high-level conversation, perspective shift & somatic tool to support you around a specific thing that you might be thinking as you’re ready to step into this next level. ⁣⁣


These are questions that you might be journaling on or that your brain is saying to you that are kind of holding you back from actually doing it.⁣⁣


The masterclasses:⁣⁣


Masterclass 1: Feeling safe to be the industry leader (why you’ve been playing small or why you’ve been denying your place): 

“Who am I to be the one to do this? Who the fuck am I to claim myself as an industry leader & do, be, have that?”⁣⁣⁣⁣


Masterclass 2: Taking next level ownership of your status as an industry leader, your limitless desire & growth potential & fully owning that you’re here to do, be, have & experience more (guilt-free):⁣⁣


“Who am I to want more when I’ve already created such epic success? Shouldn’t this be enough for me? Shouldn’t I just be grateful with what I have?”⁣⁣


Masterclass 3: Leading the way with longevity, creating your legacy, changing your lineage forever & rising with your holy revolution: ⁣⁣


Let’s put our sexy curious glasses on & turn the heat up on this question…⁣⁣


“If I haven’t even scratched the surface on my full potential, then WHO am I REALLY here to be? What is my legacy? What am I here to actually create that impacts the world? If I’m in this for the long-haul, what is it that I’m actually building with longevity & devotion in mind?”⁣

Sign up for INDUSTRY LEADER, my 3-part masterclass series for only $77 before the price goes up 4/21!

INDUSTRY LEADER: claim your power as a leader, play bigger, stand out in your industry & rise with your iconic as fuck revolution

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