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Sex & Wealth Codes

Dec 29, 2022

This is a repurposed Instagram live from the other day:

I go deeper into each of these in the episode, but I’ll highlight them here:

1. You’re going to have a relaxed nervous system no matter what is going on

2. You’ll eliminate stress, charge & stuck patterns that have kept you feeling trapped and you’ll feel free instead

3. You’re going to feel sexy AND secure with money, therefore, you’ll let more of it in

4. Neutralize charge around traumatic money experiences (one time events) or clear every day/constant anxiety/stress/fear WITH pleasure & erotic energy so that you can show up in your soul’s fullest potential

5. Become your own Financial Daddy & put the strategy & systems in place that allow money to come in, flow out & stack while feeling taken care of, held & supported

6. You’ll feel more confident setting boundaries and speaking your truth

7. You’ll feel safe to express yourself in the bedroom, online, in your creativity

8. You’ll have hotter sex & deeper orgasms & feel well-fucked and orgasmically fulfilled

9. You’ll feel seen, heard, understood on a level that deeply heals and fulfills parts of you who’ve felt unseen, unheard, misunderstood

Obviously there are many more desirable side effects, outcomes & results from working with me, especially as a private client

If you know I’m the right support for you, my 1:1 spot is for you

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